Jada Nichols

ada is currently in her third year of earning her Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance at Southern Nazarene University. She sings professionally as a Soprano at Church of the Servant, and is a princess for parties and events. She is also in the top chorale at SNU, as well as the University’s vocal Jazz ensemble called the “University Singers.”  Jada was formerly a 4-year Allstate mixed chorus member and a semi-finalist at The National Association of Teachers of Singing competition (NATS) in 2021. She has studied voice for 10 years and is planning to continue even after she graduates to earn her master’s degree in music therapy. She specializes in Pop, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Jazz, and Classical genres.  “I’ve loved to sing ever since I can remember. I never could stick to one style because I enjoy singing all of them. So, I decided to take multiple lessons from different teachers to learn them all!” Jada’s favorite thing to do is to show others the joy of music. She enjoys working with musicians of all ages and backgrounds. “Music is a blessing, and can be a fun way to learn and see personal growth for everyone!”

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