3 weeks ago

This is a great place for anyone who’d like to learn an instrument. Teachers are great and very professional. They encourage kids and provide options that will help students better their playing skills

Ian O'Kidhain

2 months ago
My voice teacher was amazing! She not only taught me how to use more of my full scope, but also gave me dozens of helpful voice practice exercises. I took lessons with her for only a few short months, but I learned so much that I would definitely go back if given the chance! Check out Groupon for specials!

LA Northcutt

My grandson has been taking drum lessons from Parker Skillings for less than a year, and he has made remarkable progress! Parker is a professional musician, and his experience has been beneficial to Trevor. The music lessons have given Trevor the confidence to successfully try out for his school’s drum line and the Pep Band, and he recently performed with a youth band in the Maughan Studios spring recital. I love that the students actually receive performance experience through the recitals and other opportunities that come their way!

Joy Huber

Maughan Studios is an amazing place. The owner, staff and facilities provide a welcoming, encouraging environment for students to feel comfortable learning and exploring their creativity, varied musical tastes and most importantly their talents. I have recommended Maughan Studios to family and friends many times over the years and will continue to do so.

G Christensen

2 years ago
My daughter has been taking voice lessons for a couple months and she LOVES it. Emily is great and I love her bubbly personality. Every few months they have performances which is a great learning experience for them and teaches them to become confident at performing in front of others. I’m happy that I found them!

Sam Pinson

3 years ago
I’ve been taking lessons from Maughan Studios since 2008. Guitar for 5 years, Electric Bass for 4, Vocal for 2, and Drums for 1 year. I started guitar with Chris Hicks and took from him for a year before he left to work at ACM@UCO. It was sad to lose such a great teacher until I started taking from Brandon Maughan, the owner, who was even better than my previous teacher. Brandon really listens to what you want out of your lessons and will get you to where you want to be. Chris Wilson, who I take bass from, is very technical and will give you that extra push to be greater while also introducing you to lesser known David Bowie songs. Lauren Raquel, vocals, is on her way to be the next Carrie Underwood (don’t worry, she won’t sing Sound of Music to you). She helps you be better at what genres you like and she is great fun to talk to. Mike, drums, is the drummer for the famous band Aranda. He knows the professional life and really challenges you on some hard rhythms. Guy I can’t speak for because I’ve never taken a lesson from him, but he seems like a nice guy (get it?). All of the teachers have been playing for many years are way beyond the level you would expect. Definitely the best part about going to Maughan Studios is the recitals. You get to put bands together and perform what ever you would like in front of a crowded audience at ACM@UCO’s Performance Lab downtown. This got me over my crippling stage fright and now I can’t wait to get to the next performance! There is a reason I’ve been going to Maughan Studios for 5 years and am treated like family there.

Brett Hawk

4 years ago
I took guitar lessons for over 3 years from Brandon Maughan, founder of the studio. He is an excellent teacher, and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanted learn guitar. The studio is a neat and professional building, and all the rooms are soundproofed such that you can hear little of what is being taught in the adjacent rooms. The studio hosts guitar recitals, a mashup of bands if you will, a very unique and fun experience to give students a taste of what it is like playing with a group of musicians. Overall 10/10! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Maughan

Dakota Solis

3 years ago
I came here for a few years and loved my experience up until school and work kind of ruined my schedule. Brandon and the other teachers are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I loved playing the recitals and being able to show off some of the things I had learned in class. If I hadn’t come here then I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. It helped me decide I want to pursue a music career and really changed my life.


3 years ago
I have been taking guitar lessons from Maughan Studios for more than 5 years now. The lessons are fun, high quality, and tailored to meet your skill level. The instructors are all professionals and are great teachers. You can also participate in recitals and have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience with other musicians if that is something you want to try. I really enjoy going to Maughan for lessons.

Emma Shoemaker

3 years ago
I took guitar lessons at Maughan Studios with Brandon Maughan as my instructor for four years. He has given me the knowledge and experience I need to play the guitar with confidence. Going to my lessons was something I looked forward to. Brandon made the lessons both interesting and fun, and I am thankful for the patience he had with me. Overall, I highly recommend this studio and guarantee you will leave with a smile.

Taylor Groves

3 years ago
I’ve been a student at Maughan Studios for 4 years now and I love it. The teachers are amazing, and they teach in a way that really works. The student recitals are a great learning experience and I always have a blast doing them.

Kerri Groves

3 years ago
My children and husband have been with Maughan’s for about 4 years and couldn’t ask for a better learning environment for them. The staff is friendly and put on great shows about twice a year where they cater to all abilities. I would recommend them to anyone!

Patti McCubbin

3 years ago
Brandon Maughn and Maughan Studios has been one the best things that has come into our lives. My grandson started with Brandon Maughan in about 2006 and he has loved every minute of every class and every recital. Brandon has become not only a guitar instructor, but a mentor and friend to my grandson and I can’t image our lives without him. Maughan Studios is family to us. I highly recommend Brandon and Maughan Studios for not only professional music instruction, but for the wonderful experiences that will come with it.

Tricia Terry

3 years ago
Great place, I’ve been taking lessons from Brandon Maughan, the owner and a guitar teacher, and Lauren the vocal teacher. I’ve been taking lessons from them for 4 years.They’re my favorite teachers I’ve had. They’re awesome.If you or your kids want to learn how to play guiter,sing,play drums,and bass this is the place for you!!

Kalwich Star

a year ago
Just take a tour here and absolutely loved it!!!

brian richards

3 years ago
This place is awesome! great teachers and fun recitals