Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson – Guitar – Bass Guitar – Mandolin – Ukulele {Available Sunday and Monday}   

Chris Wilson has been a guitar instructor for over 19 years, 15 of them at Maughan Studios. He is very versatile, being able to teach guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, and mandolin. Playing in many bands over the years ranging from country, blues, rock, and metal, Chris has years of experience to share in his lessons. Chris uses tablature, staff notation, playing by ear, observation, audio recording, and more—in whatever mixture best benefits the student. Chris plans for immediate success so his students can start making a joyful noise right off the bat. There is no one “right path” but there is a great feeling of “rightness” when students learn and produce music that grows naturally from their creativity and aspirations. In addition to playing music, Chris encourages and helps his students to create and write their own musical pieces.

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